The Challenge

AVR - Audio Visual Resources: Before

AVR’s (Audio Visual Resources) website was a classic example of good intentions gone bad.

AVR, and owners Mario and Jim Maltese, are THE GUYS to go to when you need your audio visual system commissioned. Both of them are sought after for their expertise, as teachers, as well as service providers, but you would never know it from their website.

  • Poor design and user interface
  • Company-centric copy
  • No calls to action
  • Low traffic with high bounce rate

The Solution

AVR - Audio Visual Resources: After

“Finally, a website to match our reputation.”

That somewhat cheeky line was the leading line for AVR’s launch announcement. Great care was taken in the language to convey the “humble swagger / subdued grin” of a job expertly done. Jim Maltese was great about getting us great “sexy AV” pictures to drive the message home. The new site delivered:

  • A responsive Joomla structure made the site mobile, user, and admin friendly.
  • Search engine and customer-centric content that leads the visitor to action.
  • A thorough explanation of their services and what customers can expect.
  • Audience growth via an automated email subscription, that offers a white paper on AV testing best practices.
  • Sample blog posts to position AVR as experts in the AV industry, specifically about testing and commissioning.
  • Room for AVR to grow their product sales and class offerings.

“Marjorie Clark, owner of Little Fish Studios, surpassed my expectations of what building a website would be like. She took the time to understand our services, which made her stand out right off the bat. She listened to everything we had to say and wanted in our website, but was never afraid to say, “Is this for you, or for your target audience?” She did an excellent job of translating our silo’d verbiage into meaningful content. We’ve retained her to implement a comprehensive web presence strategy for the entire organization, including maintaining our blog, our social media pages, and our newsletter. Marjorie is just an absolute pleasure to work with and a great teacher. I strongly recommend Little Fish Studios to anyone looking to improve their web presence, especially those in technical industries. She and her team are incredible.”

Jim Maltese

Vice President, AVR - Audio Visual Resources, Inc.

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