Email Marketing

Targeted and Cost Effective

Email marketing continues to be one of the most efficient and effective forms of lead generation and conversion.

Targeted, personalized, timed, and automated; these are the qualities of email marketing that make it such an effective marketing tool.

The right subject line, useful and relevant content, delivered at the right time, over the course of a campaign, to the right people, can yield a significant return on your email marketing investment.

What you put in an email marketing campaign is determined by the conversion goal, or what you want the recipient to do.

A conversion can be engagement with your website, buying a product, or liking your business on Facebook. Or maybe it’s just “another touch” along the conversion trail and keep you “top of mind.”

What Actions Can Your Recipient Take?

Regardless of the conversion goal, email marketing is typically combined with other web based actions. 

Here are a few content examples…

  • Advertise monthly specials – send to shopping cart or special offer page.
  • Promote events – send to site or third-party ticket site.
  • Show your expertise or share company news – send to your blog.
  • Share your fun and informative side – send to social media channels.
  • Ask for reviews – send to local directory profiles.

Increase effectiveness by…

  • Segmenting your mailings to different client or lead groups, tailoring your messages, offers and links accordingly.

Does Email Marketing Work?

Keeping in touch with potential customers and clients who want to hear from you is never a bad thing.

Depending on your industry, a successful campaign is 16%-25% open rate and 1%-5% click-through. That success is based on the many variables outlined at the top of this page.

If it’s more than you’d like to take on…

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