How Little Fish Studios Got Its Name

“Is it because you’re a ‘little fish in a big pond’?”

With over 800 million websites now in existence, and thousands of web designers available, that’s a good guess… but not why we’re called Little Fish Studios Web Design.

In 1996 my husband and I built a site for the now-famous Ferrin Contemporary (Gallery) (his dad was a partner), one of the first galleries to be online. We needed a name to put in the copyright for our first website. We looked around our apartment, saw the fish tank, added the Mac fish icon, and Little Fish Studios Web Design was born.

Little Fish Studios Original Moniker

In a time of 28k dial-up modems, good content and relevant links to and from your site was how you gained popularity and success.  As much as the Internet has changed, those basic rules still apply, no matter how big a fish you are.

We believe that a web site is not a stand-alone piece of collateral, like a brochure; it is the center of your on-going marketing strategy.   Not only do you get a web site, but a comprehensive web presence for your business, with a strategy to convert browsers to buyers, visitors to fans.  In addition, you are guided through the design and promotion process of your web site, helping you become a more web savvy entrepreneur and marketer.

From the beginning, we have been, not just designers, but web marketing strategists, helping businesses like yours see a return on their investment.

Since 1997, Little Fish Studios has created custom websites that are simple, elegant, and informative, pleasing clients, visitors and search engines alike.  Our web sites are as diverse as the businesses and clients they promote, each crafted to meet specific needs and tastes.   We are a dynamic web design and strategy company that scales itself to best serve our clients.

Little Fish Studios Virtual Team

Marjorie Clark


Marjorie is a self-taught designer, writer, editor, project manager, and marketing, business and networking coach.  She always brings her clients the freshest design and marketing information, and her “Rolodex is always open.”  Playing the role of “customer philosopher” inspires her copyrighting and design choices.

Previous careers include NYC stage manager, admin at Lehman Brothers, and “top shelf” floral designer. She also puts in many hours per week as Mom.

Kurt Boeker

Web Design & Development, Technical Master

Kurt, a veteran web developer with 15+ years of programming and design experience, has worked on our cutting edge sites since 2013.  There isn’t a content management system he can’t wrangle, but his favorites are Joomla and WordPress. Originally from Salem, CT, Kurt has lived/worked “virtually” all over the world, and currently calls Fryeburg, Maine his home.