CT Business Owner’s Google Trust Package


Improve search ranking and customer acquisition by gaining Google’s trust, and claiming your web presence.

You’ve been in business for more than 5 years and you have a few reviews.

Maybe you never got on the website bandwagon, or you have a website, but it’s been a while since you touched it.

Somehow people contact you, even though you haven’t claimed your directory listings or know how to respond to bad reviews. 

You might think you’re doing OK without maintain your company’s digital footprint.

But this is one time when a good case of FOMO (fear of missing out) would be useful.

Imagine all the quality business you’ve given to your competitors!

So NOW you have FOMO…

Google rewards mobile friendly, secure, and optimized websites with higher ranking in search and map listings.

But your website only accounts for 20% of ranking trust factors. The other 80% is NOT on your website!

Accurate and complete directory listings and social profiles, will help gain Google’s trust.

Gaining Google’s trust will bring you higher search ranking.

Higher search ranking let’s you outrank your competitionand increase local search calls and web traffic.

Ready to win Google’s trust, and claim your web presence?

A Business Owner’s Google Trust Package includes

  • a site review and minor updates, or
  • creating a quick and simple site that’s easy for your in-house admin to maintain,
  • claiming or updating the most important directories (Google, Bing, Safari Maps, Facebook & LinkedIn) and backlinks,
  • and setting up an in-house system to capture and share your client testimonials.

This is perfect for you if

  • you are a sole proprietor who wants a reliable local resource for everything web-related and 
  • you want to know if what people say about Little Fish Studios is true. 😉


This all-inclusive and personalized service is only $1795

“I love my website! And my clients and vendors love my website! Little Fish Studios achieved the image of my boutique that I wanted. Marjorie Clark is a wiz and a delight to work with.”

Meryl Henrici

Flirt Boutique


You’ve come to the right place.

You’ll no longer wonder if there’s more you could be doing to get as many customers as you want. 

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