“What am I Doing NOW?”

Trying to stay on top of the most important web content trends to make my business and my client’s businesses succeed.

In late December 2015 I requested to join a growing list of people with pictures and goals at, the brainchild of Derek Sivers. He’d created a page to remind himself, when he was “feeling unfocused, [of his] public declaration of priorities.”

At first I groaned about this “now page” trend – ahhhh, another social media profile to maintain!

However, as I scrolled and saw smiling faces and positive intros, my POV changed: This was cool! Hundreds of smiling people blogging about “what I’m doing now,” could be revolutionary for the web and humanity.

Listmaking for Mindfulness

Mindfulness as a moving meditation, productivity tool, and stress reducer, has, thankfully, become mainstream. NowNowNow let’s people link to their long or short expression of their mindfulness, to be viewed without the many distractions of other social media platforms.

Personally, by focusing on my “now,” I become, more productive, and therefore happier and more peaceful.

Manifesting Through Listmaking

Why is writing down our goals the best way to get them done?

  • The clarity of the next action that comes from seeing the goal or task written out.
  • The feeling of satisfaction when you cross it off the list.
  • The reward of the completed task.

The premise of  NowNowNow is that when there is a visible reminder of the most important thing, we stay more focused.

BTW – Have you tried the browser app, Momentum? With every new tab it greets you with a breathtaking photo and the prompt, “Good Morning, Marjorie. What is your focus?” Once you write it in, every new tab includes the focus, too.  There’s also a little persistent “to do” list, with a link to the Toggl timekeeper, and a “cross-off” tool, to show you how productive (or not) you’ve been.

I could also give a nod to productivity guru, David Allen, who believes that capturing your tasks and goals frees the creative mind because you’re not trying to keep track of everything in your head. My mom was way ahead of him: “Feeling overwhelmed? Make a list.”

You might even believe that writing down your desires also lets the “infinite organizing power of the Universe,” as Deepak Chopra says, help to manifest the outcome.

Regardless of your reasons or beliefs, listmaking will keep you mindful and make things happen.

Taking Listmaking To The Next Level

Will NowNowNow take listmaking  to a new level by adding (some) accountability because you have made your list of current projects and goals public? I’d argue that it will; not through fear of embarrassment if you don’t complete your goals, but through collaboration.

NowNowNow has the flavors of Tumbler, Kickstarter, Twitter, and LinkedIn, all rolled up into one.  Its interface is “static” and random. Even so, the potential for this blossoming community of sharers, seekers, and experts to help each other complete their tasks and reach their goals, is infinite. If properly worded your /now page could be a very valuable piece of digital media in getting you where you want to go.

NOTE: Proper wording is KEY to your ultimate success.

Check out the TedTalk Derek Sivers gave on keeping goals to yourself.

Before you say Derek is contradicting himself, wait for the ending. He advises to not share the end goals, because you’re not as likely to follow through, but do share the steps leading up to the goal, so those who know can help and hold you accountable.

What Does NOW Have To Do With SEO?

EVERYTHING you post, on any site or platform, should be optimized for search engine reading and ranking. Even if NowNowNow and the now page movement is a flash in the pan, your now page will live on. If it fits your personal brand to have a page or post dedicated to what your working on, then there really isn’t a down side to including it to your marketing tactic list.

However, if SEO is your only reason for having a now page, you’re completely missing the point and you should do something else with your time.

So What AM I Doing Now?

This list may vary, but most will be ongoing:

  • Keeping my yoga and meditation practice regular.
  • Visiting art colleges with my daughter and helping her make the best choice for her goals (through May, 2016). Completed April 17 – Super excited for what’s next for her at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
  • Cultivating relationships, both personal and professional, that bring mutual joy and prosperity.
  • Attracting and helping small business owners (annual sales of $100K – $5M) to build their web presence, who value and reward my creativity and digital marketing expertise.
  • “Walking the walk” of a digital marketing company, by blogging, posting, etc.

What will YOU do NOW?

Check out NowNowNow or have a conversation with me about your digital marketing needs? Either one will be a good use of your time.

Marjorie Clark, owner of Little Fish Studios Web Design & Online Promoiton, is a self-taught designer, writer, editor, project manager, and marketing, business and networking coach. She always brings her clients the freshest design and marketing information, and her “Rolodex is always open.” Playing the role of “customer philosopher” inspires her copyrighting and design choices. Previous careers include NYC stage manager, admin at Lehman Brothers, and “top shelf” floral designer. She also puts in many hours per week as Mom.